40 Things I Love About My Husband {A Birthday Tribute}

My Husband turns 40 this week. What a milestone. I couldn’t be more proud of him and thankful that we have spent the past 12 years growing and learning together. Before this turns into a cringe-worthy sappy post, I’ll get to the list in honor of his 40th Birthday. Enough sap to come.

  1. Loyalty- This is one of his greatest and most prevalent core values. This man will walk over fire for the ones he loves.
  2. Solid as a Rock- No I don’t mean physically, even though, have you seen him? Just try and knock him down. You can’t. Solid as a rock. Ok. Joking aside. He’s a rock to our family. He never wavers. He’s strong in his faith/convictions and he’s literally the most solid foundation that I have ever known on this earth.
  3. Random Facts- There aren’t many subjects that he doesn’t hold a few random facts about in that beautiful bald head of his. If you have ever held down a conversation with Doug for longer than a few minutes, you too have learned that he knows a lot of really random stuff.  It comes in very handy when the kids ask all of their very random and probing questions about how the universe works. Ummm…Go ask you Dad.
  4. Height- The man is tall. Tall, dark and handsome…check. And can also reach anything on any shelf…check. Husband Jackpot.
  5. Brains- He’s smart. I mean we’ve already established that he’s the keeper of random facts, but he’s also Hella smart. I am always in awe of his capacity to learn new things and retain information. He’s analytical by nature and soaks information in like a sponge. A favorite phrase in our house is, “Daddy knows everything.”
  6. Patient- The dude is patient. I admire this quality so much because I am, well, not patient. His patience with me, the kids, and our life is that in which I strive for.
  7. Fun- Fun Doug is a thing. Yes, he’s a stoic and professional guy. Yes, Fun Doug is really fun. Whether it’s running around with the kids playing football or goofing off with me on date night, Fun Doug is one of my favorites.
  8. Logical- This is like gold to me. Although, sometimes my nonsensical side likes to argue with logic…I need this. He always brings me back down to earth in the best way possible.
  9. Accomplished- I don’t mean this in the look at how many titles or things he has “way”. I mean it in the way that he truly achieves what he sets out to do. Whether it’s a career move, learning a new skill or starting a family, I look at his accomplishments with amazing pride.
  10. Our Kids- This is one of my favorite things about Doug. Seeing him in our kids lights my heart on fire. Dregon (our oldest) with his quick wit, always questioning, and thirst for knowledge is so Doug. Desmond (our middle) with his sense of humor, athletic build, and interest in all of the physical sports is so Doug. And Della (baby girl) with her whimsy and charm is so Doug.
  11. Passion- You know the kind of passion that radiates from people when they talk about something they truly love? That is the kind of passion I see in Doug every day.
  12. Creative- Dang. He can create anything. I mean it. More on this later. See #14 & #15.
  13. Excellent Cook- Imagine having a world-class chef living in your house that doesn’t follow recipes and just creates from their soul. This is Doug. My only complaint is that I can’t have him cook every meal for me. Jk. I love cooking too but having a handsome man do it for you… #goals
  14. Flexible- Change, Curveball, Life Stuff. He’s the most graceful and flexible guy when it comes to this. I couldn’t be happier about this and it teaches me to be more flexible as well.
  15. Student of Life- He has truly been a student of life and continues to do so. Without typing his resume out here, did you know that he used to run a glass blowing studio or that he can make beats on those fancy computer programs? And have you been lucky enough to see his mad art skills?
  16. Selfless- This. It was in our wedding vows. I truly knew it then and I truly know it now. There are so many examples of this in our lives, but having a partner with a truly selfless heart is one of my biggest blessings.
  17. The Yin to my Yang- You’ve probably already figured it out by now, but Doug is the earth to my fire. The calm to my chaos. The steady to my waves.
  18. Resourceful- I have seen him figure things out on the fly that would impress MacGyver himself.
  19. Calming Force- He is such a calming force for our family. And you know with three kids, we need it.
  20. Supporter- He has always been my biggest supporter. He hears the phrase from me, “So, I was thinking…” way too often. He never tries to talk me out of my crazy and ambitious dreams. He encourages me and supports us in every way.
  21. Music- I tease him about his music choices at times, but I actually love his eclectic love of music.
  22. Movies- I LOVE that he loves movies. Harry Potter, Star Wars Saga, Lord of the Rings, etc. These magical movies give us fun memories as a family that I remain very grateful for.
  23. Gentle- My heart melted when I first witnessed my giant, strong, six foot six husband holding our 6 pounds 14 oz. baby with the most caring touch. Then, when our daughter came and had to be “sunbathed” under the UV lights after less than 24 hours from being born, I watched him fiddle with the tiny baby goggles and hold her head perfectly in a way so that she wouldn’t cry or be uncomfortable. All of this, while reminding me that everything was going to be ok as I cried in my hospital gown, feeling so many emotions. Being Gentle is his gift.
  24. Soft Buttery Skin- Don’t make it weird. Doug has the softest skin. I don’t say this to make him sound less manly. That isn’t possible. We all wish our skin was as soft as his. If you know, you know.
  25. His High Kick- I’m not talking about a high kick from a drill team kick line, we’re talking about a badass Taekwondo kick here. Only the lucky few have seen this.
  26. His Bald Head- I love it. Our kids tease him but love it. If you have a bald man in your life as well, then you know what I am talking about. But don’t touch it. That’s mine. JK. Kinda.
  27. Slytherin- Slytherin rules and Darth Vader is cool in our house. We’re lucky that Doug has taught us all about the good and cunning characteristics of the dark side.
  28. Instant Family- Since the first day he met my family, he fit in instantly. Not only did he fit in, but he loved and loves my siblings like they were his own.
  29. Thoughtful- You get it by now. I think he’s a pretty great guy. 11 more points to go. Let’s be honest, if you’ve made it this far, you can’t turn back now.
  30. His Laugh- It’s the kind of laugh that you can hear in your head even when you aren’t with him. The kind that makes you smile and join in on the laughter.
  31. Father- Seeing him as a Father, well, there is nothing better. He’s all of these things on this list and more. He makes it look like being a Father was exactly why God put him on this earth. I believe that to be true. He’s such a dang good one.
  32. Uncle- The way he looks at our nephew. Gosh. I can’t wait to see those two together more and more, over the years.
  33. Partner- He’s exactly this. My partner for all things. Someone I can go to with anything. No judgment. Just love and respect.
  34. Confidant- See the above definition. He knows me. He gets me. And he is the best listener.
  35. Kind- need I say more.
  36. Confident- He has this amazing confidence that rubs off on those around him.
  37. Integrity- Another core value that he holds true to.
  38. Optimism- It’s funny because he is a contrarian by nature, but he’s the most optimistic contrarian you’ll ever meet.
  39. Charming- ahem. He won me over from the beginning.
  40. Super Handsome- Not only do I find him super handsome on the outside, but all of these things that I have listed out make him the most beautiful and amazing human being on the inside as well.

Doug and the kids

Doug- I am so proud to be married to you. I am so thankful that 40 (almost) years ago, you were born! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!




One thought on “40 Things I Love About My Husband {A Birthday Tribute}

  1. Douglas Roses says:

    I don’t know that I deserve you and your next level admiration, but thank God I have it. Thank you for being so genuinely thoughtful.

    Liked by 1 person

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