Della Rain Roses, Her Story {The Birth}

As promised, Della’s Birth Story. It’s a long one. So grab a cup o something and read all about our journey to get Della girl here.

The Little Roses

April, 11th 2018. The day we met our daughter, Della. The thing about this story is that everything up until this day was preparing us for the moment of her birth. We didn’t know it at the time, but our whole journey had been a preparation for the scary, empowering, emotional, soulful story that was about to become ours. The most important takeaway from our birth story, in the end, is that it is…OURS. Not one single birth story will ever be exactly the same and the beauty of each woman’s story is that it’s theirs. A memory that can never be taken away.

Here it goes…

I woke up around 3:30 am on the morning of the 11th with a ton of sinus pressure and a stuffy nose. I got out of bed and decided to seek relief with a Neti Pot and some essential oils. I was past due and…

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